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Share this article Share ‘Felt the wrath of the paddle The controversial restaurant’s name is a case of severe irony for the former bodybuilder, who recently claimed he suffered health troubles in In a video posted to his Instagram , the year-old is seen being belted after failing to finish his ‘monster of a milkshake’ at the controversial eatery ‘Couldn’t finish my monster of a milkshake after undertaking the crew’s buffet challenge,’ Apollo explained in the caption A rocky run: It was revealed on Monday that 24 year old Apollo Jackson – real name Jake Spence – suffered an unexpected heart attack in It was revealed on Monday that Apollo – real name Jake Spence – suffered an unexpected heart attack in a couple of years ago. Following his health scare, Apollo had a ‘new appreciation for life’ and shed half his body weight and followed his dreams to become a magician.

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Sorry I keep forgetting to post. I’m in vegas at least once a month now. Lots to report over the last months. All nude w no booze.

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February 7, at 7: A college girl is of the self empowered type and she may view her man as an accessory rather than a source of happiness. There is also the herd status of wife and motherhood with career. These are most likely sexless and miserable for a man but at least he gets to see his kids all done on her terms for she runs the home. The lower class women are not so enclined thwre hypergamy is more towards a masculine type more thugs and criminals and players are involved with this crowd all in competition with blue pill betas offering stability with no gina tingle.

Certainly a part of it is that they know that divorce is bad for kids, so they tend to avoid getting divorced if at all possible, even if their marriages are not so great and quite a few of them are like that , toughing it out for the kids. Another part, however, is the financial — a dual-income couple earning k say each in family income takes a humongous lifestyle hit upon divorce, because what can be afforded on k, and what can be afforded on k are very, very different in terms of basic lifestyle housing, cars, spending, etc.

Of course the big story about the dual-college-educated dual-income couples is that they are going to be dramatically shrinking in number in the decades to come due to the huge skew in higher education in favor of women: Since the very beginning it has been the father who gives away the bride.

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He jumped in a car and drove 9 miles to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, he said in the “60 Minutes” interview. Donaldson ran the last few blocks to the hotel, he said, but he ditched the cowboy boots he was wearing in the casino because they hurt his feet. Not far away, K-9 officers Dave Newton and Sgt. Joshua Bitsko were training dogs when they heard the radio call. Security responded to door alarm, drew fire from killer “I just yelled to these guys, ‘Let’s go.

There is an active shooter,"” Bitsko recalled saying.

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Troy Francis Troy is a game veteran of a decade’s standing, and a lover of women, literature, travel and freedom. He is also the author of The Seven Laws of Seduction. Visit his website at Troy Francis. I recently spent a week in Las Vegas. As a Brit abroad it was an interesting experience for many reasons, a few of which that pertain to hookup culture I discuss here. Of course, Las Vegas or the strip, anyway exists only as a site of hedonism, and as such is distinct from other US cities.

I know from personal experience that pickup in New York, for example, is a very different proposition. Nevertheless, since Vegas is a place of extremes—-extreme decadence, extreme sexual licentiousness, extreme lavishness, extreme wealth—and it is a kind of mecca for dissolute party-goers, it extrapolates some of the worst or best, depending on your view aspects of Western culture and gives them a setting where they can flourish on a grand scale.

This is a town where the hugest suites with panoramic views and gold baths are available only to those who have hustled hard. Unsurprisingly, something in the air brings out the hustling instinct in the women too. Standing by the bar at the Encore Beach Club observing nubile, bikini-clad bodies dancing to Will. He opened well and his target, the most attractive of the girls, responded well and appeared interested.


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The best thing about dating in Vegas is that the city is 24 hours. So if you and your date want to have a late date, that’s possible for all the graveyard shifters. There are so many people here, it’s easy to find a new candidate.

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Our group was treated like VIP, the views were incredible, and the cocktails were strong. I love the daybeds. When the sun is hot its the perfect place to escape to. Why wait til night time when the music is hot and the energy is just as bangin? The Encore Beach Club is insane. The cabanas are hooked up with everything. Rehab is awesome too. The DJS keep that party going.

I’m counting down the days til summer and visits to the strip and seeing some of the most beautiful women in the world by the pool!! That’s a steal to be treated like VIP well into the night!

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